Terms & Conditions

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Address Correction

If a recipient’s address is incomplete or incorrect, we may attempt to find the correct address and try to complete the delivery. However, we assume no responsibility for our inability to complete delivery under such circumstances. Use of P.O. Box numbers, P.O. Box ZIP codes or incorrect ZIP codes, omission of suite numbers, apartment numbers or the use of old street addresses for recipients who have relocated, are examples of addresses requiring corrections. We will not be liable for failing to meet our delivery commitment for any shipment with an incomplete or incorrect address. (See Undeliverable Packages for more details.) An additional fee will be assessed for shipments that are re-delivered. (See Re-Delivery Service for more details.)



We may, but are not obligated to, open and inspect any package/shipment at our sole discretion and without prior notice.
Proof of Delivery

When requested, we will provide a copy of electronic delivery information for packages delivered within our primary service areas within 12 months of the shipping date. The information will be sent via e-mail, fax or United States Postal Service. We assume no liability for our inability to provide a copy of the Proof of Delivery (POD). Nor do we assume any liability for our inability to provide documentation of the Proof of Delivery (POD) phone call.

We may also provide Proof of Delivery (POD) on-line. We will, when requested, provide the recipient’s name – along with other delivery information – for packages.

A Proof of Delivery (POD) phone call to the shipper, stating the time and name of the person who received the delivery, is also available upon request. This will constitute “Proof of Performance”. Two attempts will be made to reach the shipper by phone within two hours of delivery. If the shipper cannot be reached by phone with either attempt, QUICKSHYP will have no further obligation to the customer with respect to “Proof of Performance”.


Rate Quotations

Rates and service quotations by our employees, agents and QUICKSHYP’s tool, will be based upon information provided by YOU. Final rates and service, however, may vary based upon the shipment actually tendered and the application of these Terms and Conditions. We will not be liable for – nor will any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made – as a result of any discrepancy in the rate or service quotation made prior to the actual tender of the shipment and what appears on the actual invoice, unless the rate of the service applied at the time of the original invoicing is inconsistent with the shipment actually tendered.

Final Charges subject to change due to excess delivery delay (delay is defined as waiting time, unload and load time past 10 minutes.) Rates vary depending on vehicle type and market. Also, waiting time if the package is not ready when the driver gets to the PICK UP location, excess weight and re-delivery or wrong addresses and incorrect vehicle type requests are subject to extra charges.


Re Delivery Service

This service will be provided upon request. If our first delivery attempt is unsuccessful – either to a commercial or residential address QUICKSHYP will make an additional attempt to deliver (as instructed by the shipper) at a rate equal to the original charge. If a package still cannot be delivered, we will hold it at QUICKSHYP for two (2) additional business days while we research the status with the sender and/or the recipient, and receive further instructions. Any shipment that cannot be delivered after that time will be considered “undeliverable”.
Refusal or rejection of shipments

We reserve the right to refuse, hold or return a shipment in the following instances:

  • The package/shipment could cause damage to other packages/shipments, equipment or personnel or is likely to sustain damage or loss of content during transit, as solely determined by QUICKSHYP.
  • The carriage of the package/shipment may be prohibited by law or may violate any of the Terms and Conditions in this service guide, as amended from time to time.
  • The acceptance of the package/shipment may jeopardize the provision of service to other customers, as solely determined by QUICKSHYP.


QUICKSHYP provides service on Saturday 8:30 am to 12:00 pm and a surcharge of 50% and a $25.00 minimum charge applies to all packages/shipments.

Terms and conditions – Shipping order

  1. Subject to the terms and conditions herein, this QUICKSHYP center(¨we¨ or ¨us¨) will recieve and forward parcels for customer (¨you¨). The carrier for all parcels accepted by us shall be QUICKSHYP unless otherwise noted (other_______). Parcels accepted from you are subject to refusal for shipment by the carrier. You represent that your true name and address appear in this order .

2.We do not accept hazardous material, illegal items or articles of unusual value, including but not limited to cash and jewelry for shipment.

3.We assume no liability for the delivery of the parcels accepted for shipment or for loss or damage by any cause of the parcels or their contents while in transit. We are not liable for the failure of the carrier to properly collect or remit funds for C.O.D. parcels. If recipient’s form of payment is accepted for C.O.D by the carrier, you assume all risk. You knowledge that you have read and understand the instructions on the C.O.D tag and further agree that you accept all risk, including but not limited to, risk of nonpayment, insufficient funds and forgery. You further agree that we will not be liable upon any such instrument.


  1. We are not liable for carrier’s failure to make timely delivery on delivery date specified. Any statement by us as to a probable date of delivery by carrier is a statement of opinion and estimate only, and is not warranted in any manner. We are not liable for any consequential, incident, or punitive damages, or any loss or damage resulting from delays in shipping or delivery. Our responsibility for damage to items caused by improper packing by us is limited by the Declared Value Terms and Conditions below. 5. You understand that the carrier’s liability for lost or damaged parcels is limited by the provisions contained in this shipping order and that declared value coverage will be available only if you have complied with all declared value terms and conditions below. You agree to all terms and conditions in this shipping order whether or not declared value coverage is purchased. You expressly acknowledge that the value of each parcel does not exceed the amount stated by you in the declared value section of this form. If no amount is specified in the Declared Value section, you acknowledge that the value of each parcel shall not exceed $100. 6. If you have a claim against the carrier or declared value coverage provider for loss or damage to your parcel, you agree to make the claim directly through QUICKSHYP office that shipped the item. You expressly agree that we have no liability if any claim is denied or paid only in part by the carrier or any other declared value provider 7. This SHIPPING ORDER constitutes the entire agreement between you and us, supersedes all prior/subsequent and/or contemporaneous representations, either written or oral.   8. QUICKSHYP is not responsible for interruptions or to or failures of electronic processes, including transmission of shipping order information.


Limitations on liability

Our liability, the carrier’s liability or any other declared value coverage provider’s liability for loss or damage to your package is limited to your actual damages or $100, whichever is less, unless you pay for and declare a higher authorized value. Provided you declare and pay for declared value coverage, the maximum recovery is limited to the value declared, repair cost, replacement costs, or fair market value, whichever is less. Declared value coverage is not available for items of sentimental value or items such as artwork, jewelry, statuaries, precious metals, furs, negotiable instruments, and certain other items, such as very fragile items. Parcels packaged by you not meeting carrier’s packaging standards are not covered for damage during shipment. You acknowledge that packaging standards for shock, vibration and compression have been explained by us. Consult the applicable declared value terms and conditions and terms of coverage for further information. Each declared value provider designates monetary limits of coverage. Filing a Claim Any and all claims must be made in writing and received by QUICKSHYP center that shipped the item within 15 days after the parcel was shipped. Claims not made in writing within 15 days after the shipment was sent are hereby waived. If the recipient accepts the package without noticing damage on the delivery record, any and all claims are waived. If any parcel arrives damaged, the recipient must save all packaging materials/cartons, all documents, including, but not limited to, this Shipping form, a copy of the receipt and proof of declared value. Within 90 days after filing a claim, you must make these items and any other relevant information available for inspection by the carrier’s or independent company’s local agent.




We don’t sell, rent, or loan our customer’s names, e-mail addresses or personal information to anyone at any time for any reason. The only messages you receive will be from us. This includes automatic order and dispatch confirmation e-mails generated upon receipt of your order and, an occasional e-mail to notify you about special promotions or new services.

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The site’s customization form requires users to submit contact information (such as their name and e-mail address). The contact information is used to contact the registered users when necessary (e.g., to confirm a shipment order). Registered users may always opt-out of receiving future mailings (see the choice/opt-out section below or for mails sent to you through mailchimp you can always unsubscribe). The other optional information collected during registration is used to enhance the user’s experience on the site and to provide a personalized “your Account” service. Other optional information collected includes courier preferences and frequently used ship from and ship to addresses. This information is collected to save users time by not making them re-enter the data each time they visit the site.

The site uses an order form for visitors to request information, products, and services. The site collects visitors’ contact information (such as their e-mail address) and financial information (such as their credit card numbers). Contact information from the order form is used to fulfill the service, and financial information is used to bill for the service, when ordered. The site collects the address of the receiving party solely for purpose of adding it to the shipper’s address book and is not shared with any outside party This site contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

Business Days and Holidays

QUICKSHYP is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturday’s 8:30 am to12:00 pm, except for the following national holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Easter Sunday
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

If by any reason we take orders on this days, additional charges may apply.



We make no warranties express or implied. QUICKSHYP is not responsible for any damage to, loss or delay of any shipment of the acts of third parties.